Life Course

The Life Course Approach offers a new way of looking at health as an integrated continuum over a life time. This perspective suggests that a complex interplay of biological, behavioral, psychological, social, and environmental factors contribute to health outcomes across the course of a person's life. It builds on recent social science and public health literature that suggests that each life stage influences the next and that social, economic, and physical environments interacting across the life course have a profound impact on individual and community health.

The MCH Life Course Toolbox features life course resources, a discussion board, the Life Course Game, and Facilitator's Kit. This Toolbox is an online resource for researchers, academics, practitioners, and others to share information, strategies, and tools to integrate the life course perspective into maternal and child health (MCH) work at the local, state, and national levels. To access this tool kit, click here

HRSA's Bureau of Maternal and Child Health has also compiled a list of resources including webinars and presentations about the Life Course Model. To view these resources please click here.