Monthly E-Newsletter May 2012

Website Spotlight


This month we suggest you check out the Guide to Community Preventive Services. This site houses a wealth of evidence based policies and programs – all studied by systematic review and presented with community use in mind. There are a number of topics with preconception health relevance.  

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Book Corner


From the MS team we offer Rising Tide: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1972 and How it Changed America by John Barry. This book describes the plight of the population of the MS Delta and includes a broad historical context of what influenced the responses of various groups and individuals.

Our second book offers a unique perspective on leadership. Parker Palmer’s book Let Your Life Speak: Listening for the Voice of Vocation, offers a short but thoughtful reflection on finding one’s true calling. Parker, an educator, activist and Quaker, shares his life journey with many insightful and highly applicable lessons.

Mother’s Day, Every Day


Over 82% of American women give birth to at least one child. Mothers build communities and generations while managing households and making a living. Those of us in Maternal and Child Health think about mothers (current and future) all of the time. But the U.S. infant mortality rates suggest that singing the praise of mothers once a year is not enough. Recent comments in the media suggest that old battles around our decisions about becoming mothers (i.e. access to family planning) and the unproductive “mommy wars” are being targeted for re-ignition. So, this month, in honor of mothers, we offer you a challenge. Consider sending in a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, company e-newsletter, church bulletin or on Facebook with a message that encourages at least one sustained effort to support the health and wellbeing of young women and mothers all year round. Be creative. Be a bit subversive. But say something and then let us know how it goes.
In coalition news, we are busy preparing for our leadership team meeting this month. So far we have 24 women and 1 brave man from across the region coming together in Chapel Hill, NC to launch our new grant. We’ll include a report about our meeting, decisions and request for your input in the June newsletter.


Featured State: Mississippi


This month we’re pleased to introduce you to two members of “Team Mississippi” – Connie Bish and Juanita Graham – both founding members of Every Woman SE.

You can learn more about MS activities by clicking on their webpage here. Be sure to check back at the end of the month when their new state  preconception website and Core State Preconception Health  Indicators go live. MS worked closely with NC partners to replicate their work. View NC’s Core Indicators here for a preview of what will soon be posted for MS.


Partner News

The March of Dimes has been a key force in helping our Initiative move forward. We are proud to share with you a newly released report from them on Preterm Birth Around the Globe. The report highlights the importance of preconception health. Also, you may want to visit your local chapter’s website and consider supporting their great work.

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