Monthly E-Newsletter August 2012



This month we’d like to share two new documents. The first is Forging a Comprehensive Initiative to Improve Birth Outcomes and Reduce Infant Mortality. It was produced by AMCHP and released July 2012. This compendium provides a summary of current efforts and strategies from across the nation to improve birth outcomes. Click here to read it.


The second is titled Born Too Soon: The Global Action Report on Preterm Birth. It was produced by the March of Dimes and also recently released. Chapter 3 in this report offers a well constructed approach to preconception health. Click here to read it.


Mark Your Calendars


On September 17th, at 2pm EST AMCHP will host a webinar on father involvement. It will include a methodology for calculating the economic cost of father absence and a strategy used in one state to develop a statewide father involvement campaign. Click here to register.


Featured Article


This month we’d like to share an article by Suzy Hansen that recently ran in the New York Times. Titled “What Can Mississippi Learn From Iran?” this article offers a provocative perspective on the health needs of people in this state. To read the article click here.    To read a behind the cover story article click here. Want to talk about this? Start a conversation on our Facebook page.


Opportunity Knocks


This month we are pleased to announce our first request for proposals. We invite you to participate in our Reproductive Life Planning Community Grants program. The goal of this program is to identify and fund innovative community-based initiatives that seek to work with traditional and non-traditional partners to improve women and men’s capacity to plan childbearing and improve preconception and interconception health using a life course approach. We will fund 8 projects up to $43,500 each for 15 months.

The deadline for applications is August 31, 2012. Questions? Contact Erin McClain at 919-808-0989 or


Featured State: Louisiana


Please take a few minutes to learn more about the excellent work happening in Louisiana. Click here to read their webpage. You can also learn more about two of their state team members on our blog:

47 Million Women to Receive Free Preventive Services


In case you haven’t heard, an important component of the health care law went into effect on August 1. Women with private health care coverage can now receive 8 prevention-related services without having to pay for coinsurance, deductibles or copayments. To learn more about the health plan coverage guidelines click here. We will be sharing more resources and information about changes in health care law under the Affordable Care Act and how they impact preconception health over the next several months.


State Challenge Extended


Maybe it is the humidity or vacations or the distraction of the Olympics, but the number of new members for our mailing list was not quite what we had hoped. As such, we are extending our  contest for one additional month! Signing up is easy. Just forward this link or this newsletter to your friends and colleagues and asking them to complete it. It only takes 2 minutes, we promise.


At this point, Kentucky has far outpaced all of the other states in sign ups. In honor of their team’s capacity for spreading the word about EWSE, we offer this link to “Corrie’s Kentucky Pie” courtesy of the South’s own Paula Deen.


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