Monthly E-Newsletter April 2012

Website Spotlight


The Office of Minority Health’s website provides a wealth of resources. If you haven’t visited and bookmarked this site, then you really should. Their site includes information about the  National Partnership for Action to End Health Disparities, Cultural and Linguistic Competency and the OMH Resource Center. You can sign up to receive email alerts and monthly newsletters. To visit the site please click here:

The Surgeon General recently issued a report on Preventing Tobacco Use Among Youth and Young Adults. To review this report and access many new resources on tobacco use, you can visit the CDC’s Smoking & Tobacco Use page at


Book Corner


This month we’re highlight the book called, Whatever It Takes by Paul Tough. This book highlights the work of Geoffrey Canada and the Harlem Children’s Zone. To learn more about the Harlem Children’s Zone click here:

We’d also suggest that you check out the work of the Northern Manhattan Perinatal Partnership at Mario Drummonds presented at our last webinar about the great work they are doing.

Have We Got News for You…


It has finally happened! Our dream for the collaborative work that we can do together in the Southeast U.S. on behalf of mothers and babies is coming true. We recently learned that the W.K. Kellogg Foundation has decided to support our work through a grant of $875,000 beginning April 1, 2012 and running through March 31, 2014.


Funds will support the development, implementation, evaluation and dissemination of 8 community-based projects grounded in the life course model focused on addressing racial inequities and improving preconception health for low income women and men. This grant will expand the reach of the Every Woman Southeast Initiative and allow us to build momentum across our region for adopting a life course approach within maternal and child health. Additionally, some of the funds will support the development and dissemination of a clinical preconception tool kit, the creation of an implementation plan for a national consumer marketing campaign and planning around policy and financing of preconception care – all three in partnership with workgroups of the National Preconception Health and Health Care Steering Committee.

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation, established in 1930, supports children, families and communities as they strengthen and create conditions that propel vulnerable children to achieve success as individuals and as contributors to the larger community and society. For further information on the foundation, please visit

We will provide monthly updates on the status of our Every Woman Southeast: Integrating Life Course, Legacy and Preconception Strategies to Improve the Health of Women and Children grant through our newsletter. For now please celebrate with us and consider getting more involved as we move this work forward.


Featured State: Florida


This month we are featuring two leaders from Florida – Annette Phelps and Lori Reeves. Both have been active on the Every Woman Southeast Leadership Team -  Lori Reeves is a cofounder. We’ve asked them to share a few words with us about their work and goals. Please take a minute to read what they have to say.

Also featured this month is Florida's Camellia Project. The project helps high-risk postpartum mothers receive inter-conceptional education and support through curriculum-based group activities and individual support to mothers who have had a fetal or infant loss, or a baby hospitalized in the NICU.  It offers an inter-conceptional intervention for  addressing maternal risk factors that could impact a subsequent pregnancy in this high risk group. For more information, read the entire article.

For more information about preconception and women’s health work in Florida please visit their page on our website, click here


We Asked, You Answered

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to the survey we sent out last month. As promised, we’re sharing a summary of what we learned from you in this month’s newsletter. Please click here to read the summary.


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